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Mastering High Dollar Case Acceptance

The World Expert on Case Acceptance returns to Australia

Successful high-dollar case acceptance requires fresh thinking. Relying on worn-out case presentation techniques inconsistently provide the outcomes you hope for. The perfect companion to the time and money invested in building complex care capabilities is the live, limited-attendance workshop, Mastering High-Dollar Case Acceptance. Collectively students of this workshop’s time-tested, proven concepts enjoy millions of dollars of collections each month. Now I’m teaching my concepts during a live immersive experience with limited enrollment. If you’ve been searching for a better way to influence complex care patients to accept your care – this is it.

Saturday September 9 2023, 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM AEST
Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Australia

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Workshop Summary:

Day One

Day one emphasizes fresh thinking about the high-dollar new patient experience; concepts and best practices for dentists and teams.

What I’ll Teach:
  • Distinguishing your practice from other high-dollar practices
  • Identifying patients’ readiness for complex dentistry
  • Discovering patients’ budgets before recommending care
  • Uncovering lifestyle benefits high-dollar patients seek
  • Presenting care while never sounding like a salesperson
  • Preventing losing patients from overwhelm and sticker shock Team approach strategies
  • Smart ways to quote fees
What You Can Expect:
  • Excellent Pre- and Post-Workshop Materials
    As part of the workshop, you and your team will be given access to the online curriculum Treatment Acceptance Mastery. You’ll be given specific study recommendations for a head-start on workshop content. The online program facilitates taking workshop lessons back into your practice.
  • You’ll Be In Good Company
    Typical attendees are already successful and looking to reach their next level. This makes for an engaging workshop experience with cool people. You’ll rub shoulders with top-level practitioners.
What You’ll Learn:
  • Is there a best practice for starting a new patient experience?
  • How do we manage patients who, before their exams, want to know how much care will cost, how long will it take, and how much will insurance pay?
  • What’s a good strategy for patients seeking second opinions of other dentists’ treatment plans or results?
  • How much is too much when explaining clinical details to patients?
  • How do we help complex care patients realize they are worthy of good dental health?
  • Are their best responses when hearing, “I want to go home and think about it,”, ”Do I really need this much dentistry?”, “Why is this so expensive?”, “Do you guarantee your dentistry?” or “How long will my dentistry last?”
  • How do you manage patients when having to revise/replace your dentistry?
  • How do we fit new patients in between heavy production appointments without minimizing the quality of their experience?
  • Who should present treatment plans; dentists, or team members?
  • Is there an effective way to manage patients who aren’t ready for complex dentistry?

Thanks to Dr. Paul Homoly, our Speaker’sAcademy and Key Opinion Leader Program is the best in the profession.

Michael Augins

Past President, Sirona Dental Systems

Dr. Paul Homoly

Dr. Paul Homoly


Dr. Paul Homoly is a leading voice on treatment acceptance for complex dentistry. Paul practiced implant and reconstructive dentistry for twenty years, and for over three decades, his work has enabled all members of the dental profession to experience the rewards they’ve earned and deserve.

Paul authored Making It Easy for Patients to Say “YES!” and the online curriculum Treatment Acceptance Mastery. Paul’s work has contributed to the prosperity of dentists worldwide.

Who Should Attend
  • Dentist
    General dentists and specialists who provide complex implant, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry.
  • Practice Managers
    Team members who serve in critical practice leadership and operational functions
  • Treatment Coordinators
    Team members who present treatment plans, have financial discussions and act as patient advocates.
Workshop Details & Enrollment
DATE & TIME: 09 Sept, 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM AEST
LOCATION: JW Marriott Gold Coast
Resort & Spa
$1315.00 + GST